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Transformative Mediation

Empowering team members to get unstuck

Humans naturally seek balance between self-determination and connection with others. But when conflicts arise, survival instincts kick in. Our primitive brain (e.g. - fight-flight-freeze responses) takes over and we stop using the part of our brain that reasons and empathizes. Our ability to see things from another's perspective gets turned off, such that negotiation and compromise become impossible. 

The Transformative Mediation process begins by restoring participants' sense of self-determination by helping them to get clear about what's important to them. When participants can articulate what they need, dialogue gets easier. Fear-based responses subside and participants become settled and clearer. Once participants open to understanding others' perspectives, then settlement is within reach. 

Folger, Baruch Bush and Della Noce.  Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation

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